Arial Adventures

Ropes Courses

The KristallTurm Rope Courses are renowned for their unique design, high quality and safety standards. The adventurous rope courses can be built in three different layouts: Mikro, Mini and Normal. All setups offer individual paths for each climber, separate levels and platforms and various exciting climbing elements. The flexible, modular construction system makes it possible to extend the basic version easily at a later date from anything like one more pole to a large ropes course. KristallTurm has proven to offer an attractive return on investment in setup all around the globe. KristallTurm only uses top of the range safety equipment; there is absolutely zero danger of falling branches or rotting trees like in forest rope courses.

  • Attracts children, teenagers and adults
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Multi-level structure for optimized space utilization
  • Low maintenance increases overall profit

Giant Swings

To add an exciting element to your KristallTurm Rope Course the Giant Swing is without a doubt a sensational attraction. The Giant Swing is one of the most thrilling elements that can be attached to a KristallTurm high rope course and it will definitely make visitors scream with excitement. 
The swing is pulled up by an electric motor to the highest part at which point the visitors unlock themselves and the swing speeds all the way down, providing an intense adrenalin rush!

  • Attractive to all ages

  • A high WOW-factor
  • Maximum safety guaranteed

Zip Lines

Zip Lines built by the American manufacturer Zip-Flyer uses a patented zip-flyer system. Market-leading for any automated amusement-park style zip line, and custom built for long rides and steep grades. The system uses a friction brake, which controls the speed of rider’s descent as they travel down the line. The trolley and harness never leave the zip line cable, simplifying operations. The special Gear Retrieval System quickly resets the gear, and the patented braking system ensures rider safety.

  • Maximum safety guaranteed
  • Adrenaline rush guaranteed

Zip Coasters

Another eye-catching attraction is the Zip-Flyer Zip Coaster. A cable suspended track ‘one size brakes all’ system that combines the thrill of riding a traditional zip line and a roller coaster. The patented ‘Eddy Current Speed Controlling Trolley’ offers seated or prone – superman style – rider options. A special built in multi-point suspension provides a soft smooth rider experience that resembles actual flying.

The Zip Coaster further features automated collision avoidance and has the highest American safety standards. The Zip Coaster can accommodate a throughput of 90 participants an hour per track with only 2 attendants and multiple tracks can be used in parallel to increase throughput.

  • Ride in seated or flying position
  • Cool attraction for all ages
  • Extremely reliable operation, low maintenance
  • State of the art technology

Adventure Trails

The Adventure Trails created by American manufacturer Rise all have an awesome design that delivers an unforgettable adventure for guests. The Hexapod standard trail concept course contains 3 levels with 18 different elements per level, and has a smart modular assembly. It offers an impressive throughput capability of 120-150 participants per hour, which in turn drives revenues for operators. 
The Hexapod allows operators to change and customize the number, style and location of challenge elements, meeting the full spectrum of needs for any customer base. In total there are more than 50 different challenge elements available.

  • Short installation time of 4-6 weeks
  • Extremely high throughput
  • Modular element attachments
  • Limitless theming capabilities