Dynamic Activities

Climbing Volcano’s

The Climbing Volcano from ELI PLAY is an attraction which instantly attracts the attention of children and adults who visit the soft playground. The design and colors are visually impressive and add a very exciting element to the fun experience. Via different routes of 15 to 20 grips with a diversity of different levels, children will eagerly climb up to slide down. At the top of the 5 meter structure there is a viewing platform with a diameter of 2.4 meters. When children reach the top of the volcano they can slide down using the volcano or slide. The volcano is a great combination of a climbing wall and slide in one, an attraction which is hard to beat.

  • An attraction with a high WOW-factor
  • Suited for indoor and outdoor use
  • Combination of a climbing wall and a slide
  • Manufactured according to strict European norms
  • Available in different colors and designs

Roller Slides

Take a sled and slide down on the transport rollers with the RollerRun. A cool attraction from ELI PLAY, all children enjoy it immensely and want to try it over and over again. In full speed, the children slide down in complete safety, with a deceleration part at the end of the slide where the sledges will stop. For maximum safety there is a ‘crash’ wall at the end of each track. The RollerRun can be built with several tracks and can be installed as a standalone attraction, but can also be integrated into an adventurous soft play structure.

  • Available as standalone or integrated
  • Safe and fun
  • Suitable for children of all ages
  • Manufactured according to strict European standards

Donut Gliders

Children just love to go down the slides in a soft playground. To add an element of great thrill to your indoor adventure try the challenging Donut Glider from ELI PLAY. The Donut Glider gives children the fun option to slide down by using a donut with a reinforced bottom, just like sliding down a snow hill. A nice new attraction that adds excitement to any indoor playground, the Donut Glider can be integrated in the play structure or built as a stand-alone attraction.

  • Experience a winter feeling indoor
  • Great not to be missed attraction
  • Available as standalone or integrated
  • Manufactured according to strict European standards


What child can resist an inflatable? The moment they see an inflatable they will run towards it! A nice inflatable is always a real hit on a playground. For indoor and outdoor use, small or big, inflatables come in a wide variety of sizes, measurements and themes. From tigers, to crocodiles, bouncy castles with slides and big obstacle trails, inflatables are of the highest quality.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Maximizes the fun experience for children
  • Wide range of themes and shapes available
  • An attraction with guaranteed fun