Furniture & Soft Flooring

Kids Furniture & School Furniture

Children’s furniture from the Italian manufacturer Falchini, to equip any school or activity room, is both a creative and responsible choice. The furniture is designed using shapes familiar to children in order to stimulate interaction, using only colors inspired by nature that encourage skill development, concentration and creativity. The finest, light materials are treated and shaped to create soft round edges so as to eliminate any danger.

  • Neatly designed Italian furniture for children
  • Excellent for birthday and activity rooms
  • Modular design that allows easy expansion
  • Simple color scheme to encourage skills development, concentration and creativity
  • Unlimited modular design options depending on specific needs

Soft Flooring

To guarantee a safe playing experience our high quality German made Puzzle mats offer extra protection. All are reversible and made from high quality EVA foam. Puzzle mats are available in 2 cm and 4 cm thickness, and can be used for playgrounds, sport halls, and any other area that requires extra protection. The thickness of 4cm allows for excellent shock absorption during falls and creates an anti-slip surface.

  • Good grip and anti-slip properties
  • Easy casing and dismantling
  • High quality EVA foam (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)
  • Made in Germany