Interactive Play Zone


Atomic Rush

AtomicRUSH is an exciting arcade-style game using touch and LED technology with vibrant colors, and high fidelity sound. AtomicRUSH is one of the leading next generation arcade games that gives a taste of what the future is going to bring us. It has challenging multi-player options, various game formats, and only needs a space of 14 square meters. It offers unlimited thrilling game variations, great for individuals, friends, teams of 2 or 4 as well as groups of 8. Excellent in family entertainment locations, hotels, cinemas, Laser Tag sites and many more.

  • State-of-the-art touch technology with multi-colored LED lighting
  • Space optimization from just a wall, 14 sqm or more
  • Encourages focus, fast thinking, and fitness
  • Customizable and flexible installation

Laser Frenzy

Lazer Frenzy is another fantastic arcade game of the future. The laser maze of Lazer Frenzy is an exciting award winning laser attraction, inspired by Laser Tag technology. The high-tech interactive game play uses lasers, mirrors, haze, effects, and unique theming. Inside the maze, participants are surrounded by a web of laser beams while they navigate carefully to complete their mission, just like in a spy movie! There are four missions for players to choose which are: Spy, Team Spy, Beam Dodger and Beam Breaker. The attraction regularly offers new software update packs that add to the excitement.

  • High-tech interactive game play
  • Unique theming using lasers, mirrors, haze, and effects
  • Encourages focus, and fast thinking


Dance with Kung-Fu Panda, or do the jive with another Cartoon character! PLAYOKE is fun new dimension interactive game that can be played with just a few players or a whole group. It enables participants to compete against each other in a real-time virtual world. A virtual leading mascot performs in front of the players who in their turn try to imitate their steps and movements simultaneously. A unique 3D Motion Tracking system delivers immediate feedback about the participants’ performance during the dance competition. Each player gets points and is ranked among all participants. PLAYOKE creates an unprecedented fun, dance and fitness experience that people want to play over and over again.

  • Futuristic virtual game play
  • Game, dance and fitness experience in one
  • Compete in real-time in a virtual world
  • A combination of fun and fitness

Interactive Play Projectors

Our interactive play projectors turn any room into a full blown virtual playground. The game module is based on a highly advanced gaming platform with motion activated sensors. This creates interactive games that basically everybody can play using their whole body. Multiple players of all ages can run, twist, and dance using their hands and feet to activate sounds and colorful graphics projected on the floor. Step on balloons to make them explode, or play a match of interactive soccer with your friend. The system guarantees endless hours of fun, smiles and entertainment for all.

  • Creates an interactive virtual playground
  • Many different games for the young and old
  • Combination of fun and fitness
  • Can be built in any location