Laser Tag


Theme Works

The complete Laser Tag Arena Theming provided by American based Creative Works enables us to offer turnkey laser tag arena solutions. Creative Works is a market leader in the industry that allows us to advise, design and build exclusive arenas. All are uniquely themed and styled to guarantee the ultimate in-door adventure. A variety of different themes is possible wherein cues from the most popular movies and video games are used. This creates a real life video game feeling, and has a lasting impact on the guest that play in the arenas. Satisfied and returning customers guaranteed.

  • Tailored turnkey Laser Tag Arena solutions
  • Starting at 150 square meters
  • New arenas and renovation of old arenas
  • Real life video game feeling

Laser Tag Equipment

Delta Strike are the world’s fastest-growing laser tag manufacturers. The New Zealand based manufacturer offers one of the worlds most advanced Laser Tag systems. The high quality product is the result of years of extensive research and operator knowledge within the industry. 
Delta Strike produces sophisticated laser tag equipment, from mobile laser tag phasers, vests and interactive arena components, suitable for theme parks, family entertainment centers, and standalone laser tag venues. The used system offers fast throughput to maximize profits and advanced game features that keeps customers coming back time after time.

  • Suitable for mobile Laser Tag and stand-alone concepts
  • Groundbreaking laser tag technology
  • Fantastic game experience & user friendly design
  • Reliable equipment made from highest quality materials
  • Unlimited game options