Safety Belays


TRUBLUE – Climbing Belays

TRUBLUE Auto Belay is a multi-functional auto belay system designed for all climbing related activities. It is the only system that is specifically designed for the climbing industry, and engineered to diminish any risk. TRUBLUE uses a patented, self-regulating braking system which is enabled by non-contacting magnetic braking technology. The auto belay takes up the slack as a climber ascends and controls the descent when the climber reaches the top or in the event of a fall. TRUBLUE devices allow multiple climbers on the wall with only one person as a supervisor.

  • Fully self-regulating magnetic braking system
  • Accommodates the widest range of climber weights
  • Only auto belay engineered to meet the strictest international safety standards
  • No sacrificial wear parts = low maintenance and cost of ownership

Quickjump – Free Fall Jump Device

The QUICKjump free fall devices use a patented magnetic braking technology, allowing jumpers a thrilling free fall before softly catching them and lowering them to the ground. It gives the feeling of a real free fall, which makes it a great addition to a ropes course or any other outdoor attraction that wants to add a ‘wow’ factor.

QUICKjump is a great thrilling attraction for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, adventure parks, shopping centers, and many more. It is modular device and compact so it can be installed in almost any high location and moved easily.

  • True free fall feeling with patented braking technology
  • Simple to install, easy to operate
  • High reliability with no sacrificial wear parts
  • Minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership

zipSTOP – Zip Line Breaking Device

The zipSTOP uses a patented, self-regulating magnetic braking system to brake zip line riders smoothly and comfortably before automatically resetting for the next rider. One of the main advantages is that the zipSTOP is easy to operate, has no downtime due to weather, and provides consistent braking for a wide range of rider weights. It comes in two separate versions and is ideal for the most common zip lines.

  • Suitable for speeds up to 59.5 km/h
  • Patented eddy current braking technology
  • High range of allowable rider weights and speeds
  • Provides consistent braking and automatically resets after each ride
  • Minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership

FlightLine – Deluxe Free Fall Device

Imagine yourself standing on a platform eight stories tall, and then leaping for the ultimate free fall sensation. FlightLine is an extreme free fall ride that can be used in theme parks, adventure parks, and other locations where jumpers go to extreme heights (up to 24.5 meters). FlightLine provides unprecedented thrills for users who want to push their limits. A true free fall experience is guaranteed like no other.

  • Fully redundant system to diminish risk
  • Universal braking system for rider weights from 34 -130 kg
  • Low maintenance and upkeep
  • Equipped with a digital cycle counter to help track the use of each unit