Slides ‘n Rides

Stainless Steel Adventure Slides

The Stainless Steel Slides manufactured by German brand Wiegand Sports guarantee fun for the young and old. If you don’t have the space for a flat playground consider a vertical adventure. From small standard playground units, to uniquely designed slides, to large event slides and slide paradises, with or without curves, everything can be designed including the supporting towers.

  • Vertical space optimization in any location
  • Unique thrill experiences creates return customers
  • Complex European engineering
  • Built according to the highest European safety standards and standards
  • Available in all sizes and imaginable designs

Alpine Coasters

The new generation Alpine Coasters produced by German brand Wiegand Sports are state of the art. It is in fact the only mountain coaster that complies with the latest DIN, ASTM and CSA standards. Sliding down with the coaster creates an unprecedented adrenaline rush that makes people want to come back.

It has proven to create outstanding revenue and quick return on investment. The Alpine Coaster appeals to all ages, no skills are required and its fun for the entire family. The ride can be built between 2ft and 30ft above the ground. To intensify the thrill our design team can add jumps, waves, and 360′ circles into the track.

  • Unique tubular steel rail system
  • Safe, smooth and comfortable ride
  • Easy to install, low operating and maintenance costs
  • Appeals to all ages

Bob Karts

The Bob kart manufactured by German brand Wiegand Sports uses a busbar power system that allows riders to control the speed of their sled while traveling in a circuit through a stainless steel trough. The Bob kart track is customized and offers a wide variety of possibilities. It can be designed on flat or elevated ground, utilizing curves, steep turns, waves and jumps, bridges and tunnels, both uphill and downhill, creating an optimal and above all unique ride experience. The special front axle steering system ensures stability and a smooth ride through the turns. Easy to operate, fun guaranteed!

  • Operates as separate unit in between or over other attractions
  • Just two operators needed to control the circuit
  • Comfortable driving position and the highest European safety standards
  • Can function as a highly attractive people mover
  • No incline required