Soft Play Adventures

Adventure Soft Playgrounds

All our Adventure indoor soft playgrounds are manufactured by ELI PLAY, located in the Netherlands. All structures are with solid steel frames and have modern colorful padding and safety nets. Customized to suit any space, budget and client requirement, they are always popular with any age group.

The Soft Playgrounds are built according to the highest European safety standards, and the structures can be equipped with different play elements that provide an exciting challenge for the children.

  • Wide range and variety of safe soft play structures
  • All structures manufactured according to European standards
  • Different theme possibilities: jungle, ocean, forest and farm themes
  • All ages: full custom design and fun guaranteed for everyone

Softball Shooting Arenas

The Softball Experience from ELI PLAY is a specially designed space filled with ball cannons, ball fountains and dumping baskets. Older children can shoot foam balls all over the place while the little children can fill the ball fountain with balls, which will fly around and fall down like rain. Next to the cannons and the fountain you can add dumping baskets. Children can also put the balls into a transport system, which will carry the balls to the top of the play structure into a dumping basket, which will then drop the them into the play area. This interactive element adds to the overall fun experience of the children.

  • Loads of fun guaranteed
  • A popular interactive attraction with many play possibilities
  • Suitable for children from 4 years old

Spider Climb Towers

Another nice attraction that adds to the fun experience in an Adventure Soft Playground is the Spider Climb Tower. It is an exciting an indoor play structure in which children can compete to climb to the top first. Every level is made of elastic netting which the children can pry open in order to climb up to the next level.

  • Popular attraction in a Soft Playground
  • Adds an exciting and healthy competitive element
  • Suitable for children from 3 years old
  • Manufactured according to strict European norms

Twister Slide Tower

An Adventure Soft playground is not complete without a Twister Slide Tower. The Twister Slides are all manufactured by ELI PLAY in the Netherlands and are available in various shapes and colors. All slides are custom designed to perfectly fit within the play structure. Besides the Twister Slide Towers different kinds of crawl tubes are available to make any soft playground even more exciting.

  • Adds loads of excitement to any Soft Playground
  • Healthy and competitive
  • Suitable for children from 3 years old
  • Manufactured according to strict European standards

Slide Experiences

The moment a child sees a slide, they look for the fastest way up, so that they can slide down and their smile alone tells you just how elated they are. To add to the fun experience at a soft playground chose from our vast selection of slides. Most of the slides can be delivered in different colors and themes, and are custom designed to fit within any play structure. Our range consists of: wave slides, spiral slides, free fall slides, drop slides, tube slides, straight slides and hook slides.

  • Wide range of slides
  • Available in different colors and themes
  • Manufactured according to strict European standards