Toddler Play

Toddlers should be given the best possible tools for development. That’s why each of our toddler activities is specially oriented around healthy exercise, social development and lots of fun! Studies show that active play helps strengthen a child’s physical, mental, social and emotional well-being as they mature. Our toddler equipment gives children the opportunity to learn by encouraging explorative play and imagination.

Soft Toddler Play Areas

Manufactured in the Netherlands, our soft playgrounds are built according to the high-quality European safety standards. With ball pools, foam and soft padding throughout, you can confidently add climbing, sliding, and crawling elements to create a safe, immersive and unique play experience. Whatever your needs, HPS has the ability to create a customized soft-play area according to your available space and budget.

  • Suitable for ages 2 – 5 years old
  • Improves motor skills and promotes social interaction
  • Made with durable materials, easy to clean & maintain
  • Customized designs, offering an excellent mix of activities
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands according to EN safety standards

Tactile Play Panels

The Play Panels are designed to stimulate cognitive and motor skill development. Always created with safety in mind, they are specially manufactured in the Netherlands to meet EN safety standards. These play panels have no sharp edges and are built with durable materials that withstand rough handling. Perfect for nurseries, preschools and educational facilities, kids play corners are also a great way to increase revenue opportunities at businesses such as Healthcare Clinics, Restaurants, Retail shops, and more! A kid’s corner can be an excellent marketing tool, and increase client numbers by creating an environment for overwhelmed parents to have some down-time while their kids are entertained.

  • Suitable for all ages, with no language barrier & violence free game modules
  • Playful bright colours & interactive games
  • Promotes development of motor and cognitive skills
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Customized branding available

Educational Play Touch Computers

Play Touch computers provide excellent play value for any play area, large or small. A single unit offers 12 educational games in 3 different age categories, filling any available area with hours of entertainment with coloring, counting, memory games, puzzles and more!

  • Suitable for all ages, with violence free game modules
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands & built according to EN safety norms
  • Customized branding available
  • Pictogram controlled & also available in 22 different languages
  • Comprehensive Warranty

Building Blocks

Block play has been linked to improved math skills, creative problem solving, increased social awareness, spatial skills and physical development of hand-eye coordination. From interlocking blocks to various shapes made of soft foam, children can unleash their creative side. There is giant fun to be had building structures, with unique angles and curves, and we know children will absolutely love our big foam blocks. Made of lightweight, high density foam, these oversized pieces bring out the creative engineer in all of us.

  • Engages creative activity, promoting cooperative building with other children
  • Promotes educational development
  • Various sizes & sets available
  • Environmentally-friendly materials
  • Materials designed for easy cleaning & maintenance
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands & USA

Soft Shapes

Our soft shapes indoor play areas are incredibly versatile and can turn any location into a family destination. Each custom-designed indoor play area includes a wide variety of climbers, crawlers, interactive elements, and features to engage kids’ minds and bodies.  Every element is handcrafted using a process that coats these foam-sculpted pieces with an extremely durable, rubber-like substance. The smooth finish materials are ASTM certified, naturally antibacterial, ensuring a safe and healthy play experience.

  • Promotes active play experiences and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Includes digitally printed carpet with soft foam safety surfacing
  • Certified antibacterial coating helps fight against germs
  • Pre-designed setups & custom made designs available
  • Made in the USA